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What is PharmIT?

A complete Pharmacy supply chain management tool

Pharmit partners with drug manufacturers, distributors, chemists, and pharmacy networks / stores to connect the entire pharma supply chain. We accumulate the data at all levels to manage receipts, orders, distribution, returns, and invoices. Our business intelligence platform helps the manufacturers, distributors and retailers to plan promotions and reallocate capital by analysing real time data across the supply chain.

What is in it For You?

Manufacturer and C&F

Our Platform offers a well integrated solution to manage Purchases, Sales, Stock Management, Business Intelligence


Enabled with extensive list of drugs with regular updates to receive online orders from retailers and auto conversion of orders to invoice.


Enabled with offline and online receiving orders from patients and auto generation of alerts when stock reach to its minimum level.


Enabled with My health app to route prescriptions directly to the desired pharmacy. Proactive medicine supply to your doorstep.

Our Supply Chain Tech

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